“Strong, empowered and cohesive communities are key to building and maintaining thriving economies”


Community Empowerment

Creating vibrant communities by promoting community engagement; providing and supporting spaces for members of the community to meet; supporting and raising awareness of South Asian culture and art.

In addition to helping communities to be self-sustainable, we encourage active engagement with and among other communities. We provide communities with a platform and space to come together, whether that’s through our community centres in India and Pakistan or through the British Pakistan Foundation in the UK.

As leaders of the Memon community, the Rangoonwala family, and by extension the foundation, has historically provided support to the Memon community in India, Pakistan and globally, which continues today.

We also help communities to engage with their country’s art and culture. In many ancient societies, enjoying the arts was a privilege of royalty – we believe that the arts should be accessible to all. There is also increasing evidence to suggest that the cultural and creative industries are key to driving sustainable development and creating inclusive job opportunities.

Our Case Studies

A showcase of the our work and the impact that it has had, across sectors and geographies