Our Grants

The Rangoonwala Foundation is made up of three trusts, all of which are managed out of our UK-based headquarters.

Types of Grants

PARTNERSHIP FUND: £15,000 – £50,000 PER YEAR

The Partnership Fund is reserved for organisations that the foundation would like to work with, in partnership, for a two to five-year period towards measurable outcomes. A proven track record and evidence of impact will have to be demonstrated in order to secure a partnership grant. The foundation will prioritise organisations where there is a clear learning agenda for the foundation to deepen its knowledge and experience in its key impact areas.

The foundation would expect the majority of an organisation’s funding request to be for programmatic costs. Applications to support costs beyond the programme will be considered where the proposal is strong enough and the organisation’s overall budget demonstrates stability and growth. Approaches we like to see and costs we will consider funding include: skills building, M&E, research that contributes to the scale up or replication of a programme and the training of educators.


The One-off Fund is for organisations with a specific stand-alone donation in mind. This would be ideal for refurbishment costs, small-scale programmes, equipment purchase costs and other capital expenditure requests.


This is a flexible fund, open to proposals at any time of the year for small one-off donations.


The foundation favours grants that address community needs that are not capable of being met by other sources or services, and welcomes proposals that show promise of making a contribution to the wellbeing of the community. Applications are welcome from registered charities, non-governmental organisations, community groups, schools, health services, vocational centres, facilities for children and adults with disabilities, and relief services for the elderly and the displaced.

More specifically, the foundation favours grants for programmes or projects that:

  • Focus on beneficiaries and their surrounding communities
  • Provide innovative responses to community needs
  • Focus on livelihood (including education), health (including disability), and other community development activities
  • Enable organisations to improve their service to local communities
  • Address and support positive community change

The foundation does NOT favour grants for:

  • Legislative activities or political campaigns
  • Reimbursement or retro-funding for projects that have already been completed

Funding Criteria

  • Improves access to jobs and entry into the labour force, particularly for vulnerable groups
  • Provides educational support and workshops
  • Helps to establish career paths
  • Improves access to healthcare services, particularly for vulnerable groups
  • Improves health outcomes, particularly for disabled groups and the elderly
  • Provides healthcare support to individuals and families
  • Raises awareness of South Asian arts and culture with an emphasis on Pakistan
  • Engages and supports artists and artisans
  • Empowers communities