“A needs-based yet holistic approach to creating sustainable solutions”

Our Approach

Having operated on a grassroots level for over 50 years, we have built a deep understanding of how to best serve communities around the world, especially in South Asia and the United Kingdom. The knowledge gathered over this time has helped us to develop an approach that listens first to the needs of communities before building holistic solutions that are sustainable in the long term.

We approach our work from a place of understanding, taking the time to identify exactly what a community needs before taking action. We also include the communities we work with in every step of the process: from finding appropriate solutions to building effective support structures. Through this process we are able to consider multiple factors that may be connected to the root causes of a particular challenge but could also serve as pieces of a wider and more complete solution.

From the outset and throughout this process, we ensure that we are always focusing on creating sustainable solutions.

Our Focus & Goals

To achieve our mission and vision, we focus on four key objectives that lie at the heart of serving underprivileged, socially-excluded communities