“We work on the premise of empowering communities in a equal way”

Our Legacy

The core belief and aim of our founder, the late philanthropist, social worker and businessman, Mohamed Aly Rangoonwala was to provide a ‘service to humanity.’ Founded in 1967, the Rangoonwala Foundation has been doing exactly that for over five decades. We serve communities across the world – predominantly in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and India – by offering support to any person in need, regardless of race, colour, creed or religion. We believe that by giving individuals a hand up, not a handout we can help build their ability to be self-reliant over time.

A glimpse into our history

  • 1963

    VM Public School is established in Pakistan
  • 1967

    Mohamad Aly Rangoonwala establishes a charitable trust in Karachi and names it the ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust
  • 1971

    The trust supports the development of the Rangoonwala Community Centre, aiming to provide resources and services to underserved families and community groups
  • 1972

    The VM Library and student centre is established in Pakistan
  • 1973

    Mother and Child Care Centre is established in Pakistan
  • 1979

    ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation is registered as a charity in the UK and grant-making within the UK commences
  • 1987

    The Duke of Edinburgh programme is established in Pakistan & VM Art Gallery is established in Pakistan
  • 2003

    The Rangoonwala Community Centre is established in Hyderbad, Pakistan & The Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust is established in Mumbai, India
  • 2004

    The Umeed (health) and Utkarsh (education) programmes are established in India
  • 2005

    The first of seven Rangoonwala Community Centres is established and opened by RF(I)T in India
  • 2006

    The Banubai Physiotherapy Centre opens in Pakistan
  • 2009

    The ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation expands its grants programme to make international donations outside of UK, Pakistan and India
  • 2010

    The MA Rangoonwala Community Centre is established in Quetta, Pakistan
  • 2017

    The disability charity MAITS is founded and established by the ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation & The Centre for Traditional Arts established in Pakistan with the help of the Prince’s Foundation
  • 2020

    Art South Asia Project (ASAP) is founded and established by the ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation

Our Values

Our values underpin every action that we take as an organisation.


Our Founders

The people who built the foundation for the impact we have.