Our Values

Our values underpin every action that we take as an organisation.


We believe that all humans deserve to live in dignity. This is a value that was championed by our founder and it continues to guide all of our work.


We work to empower communities in a non-discriminatory way. We are one of the few foundations in the world that offers support to those in need regardless of race, colour, creed or religion.


Our work focuses on building the skills and confidence of those we support so that they can become self-reliant over time.


We hold ourselves accountable for the actions and the decisions we make not only to our stakeholders but also to our values as an organisation.


We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve change on a large scale. We foster valuable on-the-ground partnerships at all levels of our programmes. Working with local partners ensures that we build sustainable solutions for communities that will provide support in the long term.